Life at e-Solutions

Life at e-Solutions

E-Solutions, Inc. has a rich heritage and a culture of excellence that’s getting stronger all the time. We honor our origins, take pride in our know-how, believe in work-life balance, and are steadfast in our commitment to excellence and doing all that we can do to help our clients achieve positive outcomes from their technology investment.

Encouraging prowess and learning, a spirit of entrepreneurship, mindfulness and teamwork is in our DNA and helps keep our work both relevant and sound. Moreover, it keeps us singularly focused on our clients and exceeding their expectations.

Our people are ambitious and hardworking with diverse backgrounds. And, our methodologies are crafted to minimize stress and achieve dynamic results. We believe ‘Fun at Work’ – interest groups, celebrations and get-togethers – are all essential components to the way we work.

We provide a platform to express and explore various possibilities of personal and professional development. It is the kind of exposure that, defined by organizational values, breeds ideas and develops entrepreneurial and leadership qualities. We also make every attempt to create an open and candid environment.

“The friendly atmosphere of my team and its diversity make every working day a pleasure. E-Solutions, Inc. is a place I would highly recommend.”

Hong Zhang, Team Member

“e-Solutions is a great place to work because they take care of their employees at every level, which is exemplified by their genuine desire to help all employees to perform to the best of their ability.”

Maurice George, Team Member

“As a company e-Solutions is professional and has a good working atmosphere. I have a fantastic team leader and would recommend working here to my family and friends.”

Kanishka Roy, Team Member