Regression Testing


During improvement of your mobile app by developers (enhancements, patches or configuration changes) the new bugs may arise in functional and non-functional spheres of the system.

Regression testing is used to ensure that the quality of your mobile app is still good after any changes in the software environment. Each feature of your mobile app will be tested by our experts on all available platforms before development of the next feature. Thus, regression testing is a part of testing life cycle and very important element in the testing cases.

E-Solutions, Inc. is a professional testing company that tries to provide customers with quality solutions in accordance with the latest testing techniques. The regression testing is preferably to be performed automatically and our testers are ready to achieve expected results at the highest level of implementation.

E-Solutions, Inc. experts make three main types of testing depending on what defects that should be detected in the issue: Bug-fix is a testing aimed at checking whether all previously fixed bugs do not exist anymore; Old bug-fix is an attempt to ensure that the old bugs will not be produced again due to the recent code modifications; Side-effect is a testing in order to ensure that the whole system of the mobile app functions as intended and every part of it isn’t damaged due to recent system changes in the code or data. As regression is a process of going back, regression testing helps to protect your system against further failures and avoid any regressions caused by changes in the app.

E-Solutions, Inc. is ready to assist you in testing services to deliver high-quality mobile application to your customers.